Fri, 11/06/2015 - 13:12 -- Elleon

I am a woman of contradictions,

Some simple, some strange.

And though sometimes tiring,

I doubt I’ll ever change.


I act my age in many ways,

in that I am mature and wise;

however, also will you find,

I’m a child and Disney-lover at times.


I love my family and friends,

and make friends easy.

But I’m an introvert at heart;

I’d almost always rather be reading.


I do so love plants,

I love their colors and their fruit.

But my thumb is all black;

They turn brown and die from leaf to root.


To me, public speaking always comes easy;

My presentations are beautiful and smooth.

But ask me to talk to the opposite sex,

I’m as eloquent as a cow going moo!


This poem is here for you to know me,

as far as I can possibly show.

Who will I be?  Who can I be?

That, I don’t know.


As I mature and grow and age,

I wonder if I’ll ever be the same.

But while some things do change, others do not.

Being full of contradictions is something that can’t be forgot.


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