Alone, when I’m completely alone.

Darkness, in total, compete blackness.

Times like these, silence is at its finest.

Wanderlust will take hold of the mind.

The grip is strong, desire unbreakable.

Traveling, to be anywhere except here.

Shaking the dust off my bare feet.

Grazing the sky with my fingertips.

Sun so bright it almost hurts.

Tasting paradise would be a first.

Letting go of this body to go home.

Finally, the stone would be broken.

Wings like an eagle, light as a butterfly.

To be free from this body, to be alive.

Power trapped inside, death will hide.

Waiting patiently to ignite my bones.

Burning my flesh, stopping my heart.

This will be my release, my destiny, my peace.

Stars will guide my path to the other side.

The days are numbered, nights are short.

One day the sky will call my spirit up.

Promise never to cry for me my dear, my love.

On that day I shall be finally fully alive.

Ah to be whole, at last, at long last. Rest. 


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