Who AM I?: An Enigma Wrapped in a Riddle


United States
41° 35' 57.5376" N, 83° 37' 46.2792" W

Sweet introspection, incandescent

I am- I am introspection.

A wandering state of mind;

tripping through the world,

my scraped knee draws blood

but my soul draws the lines of the universe

and I dance on them

arms stretching up and out,

to the unknown place that has no name.

None of this you will see.

I tend only the gardens inside of me.


I am the space between light and dark;

neither good nor evil-

the void-

I am grey.

Neither happy nor sad,

like a cloudy sky, only a slight sight of sun.

I am softer than pitch black but

harder than rock solid;

neither one thing nor another-

an enigma wrapped in a riddle.


I am a cat- feline, fierce.

Sharper than glass on my padded paws

I am poised to pounce.

But softer than my tiger-striped fur is my beating heart,

beating for something greater;

something greater that you can see

when you look into my wide eyes.

Depth that speaks

like a soft purr

only to me.


I am a scribbled-on notebook,

crisp and clean and white as

snow on the blank canvas of winter.

Pages only half-filled;

filled with memories and beautiful words-

the lines hold secrets

and perhaps you will leave behind a page of thoughts unspoken.

But something beckons to the unknown, untouched space

at the edge of the universe where words live

and I wonder

if I will ever reach the end.


I am the forest in autumn,

as Nature’s first green turns to real gold

and red and orange

Leaves fall, ashes smoldering

against a landscape transitioning into desolation.

A fire is burning slowly, fading;

a chilling cold creeps in to

smother the flame.

A light is still left, but is freezing fast.


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