Past Reflections

Past Reflections


I look in the mirror

That I call memory

And look at the things

That helped me define

Who I really am


Moments of joy and

Moments of pain

All these flood my mind

Drowning who I was

Cleansing who I will be


The most vivid memories

Are the most painful

Betrayal stings my heart

Curses ring in my ears

Threats of death cloud my mind


But then it all changed

In a few short months

Something drove away the pain

Healing every wound

And clearing every fog


My days were filled with hope

Of seeing him smile

Of knowing that he loved me

My mind was around him

At every moment of every day


But then we moved on

Not without saying goodbye

But it died the next day

Like nothing had ever happened

In the empty corridors and halls


I wander the empty halls

Remembering all that happened

An embrace here, a hand held there

A tender word spoken here

His voice still echoes in my ear


Memories of my life

Define who I was then

Plans who I am now

And shapes who I will be

Past reflections


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