I am immortal

They who see me cannot understand, but they can witness

They see me walking in the hallway like you would see a ghost in the dark

They look and think nothing of who I am, what I was--what I will become...

They me a nothing more than a Pawn in the crowd

Controlled by the King's hand who would sacrifice

Me for his dearest beloved with the flick of a wrist

They cannot comprehend what I am

Day in, day out

The finest and brightest students, workers, humans,

Cannot see what is beneath the stone of this body, that is

To them

Just another rock--a pebble--to the Mountain of Humanity


They who cannot see me cannot begin to undertsand or witness

They shoulder by, bags in hand, so cruel and stark

Shoulder hitting shoulder down the corridoor, heading to and from

To them, they cannot see, I am but a veil of nothingness, an empty shroud

That is obnoxious, but I will, with what I truly am, suffice

I have a twist

For I am not what, they think I am

Who is they, one asks?!

The mortals of course!

I, am immortal!


My body may be weak

It may age

It may perish

But I will not bow down to the mortal instruments of Man!

You may beat me

Name thee

Defile the honor that I bestow in thy blood,

But I will never give up

I will never surrender

To be immortal is not by life, body, or impregnability

Immortality is by the scar you leave in the timeline of history!

I am Immortal!


In sports I do not do the simply runs, jumps, minimal efforts!

I do the extra lap

I go the extra mile

I engrave my name on the land my feet so violently kiss

I strain to go further, faster!

To be stronger!


I will leave thy mark in the memories of friends and foes

I will not be subjected to the forgotten history of the past and present

I will be remembered!

I am immortal!


I stand against the crowd

Swim against the tides

Embark on the journey no one strides

The single mind of the world cannot understand,

Never will they!

The task of an immortal

My mind is thy immortality

Way after thy body has been long gone

The mortals will speak, read, LEARN!

Of the magnificent man who

Scored his name into the life everlasting in the future

Saying, "I will not stand by and be just a written name on a sandy beach!"

I am immortal!


I had found myself in the years of being lost

To a great deal my mind had cost

I was a part of the river

Flowing with society without a shiver

I was swept away by the current that made the 'cool kids' "cool"

But even then I did not fit in, I was never "cool"

I began to realize the basic everyday lives going accord

I realized I was stuck on a skipping record--

A one track life set on repeat

That was not what I was supposed to be, I was being beat

I was mortal


I stepped on my personality, killed the boy who wasn't supposed to be

A part of me lost my sanity

But thy mind had never been so clear before in my life

I had internally grown faster with little strife

I grew into my body, my mind

On life's limited grasp, I broke my bind

I became a bird out of it's cage

Through the body's limit, my name shall now rage

I seek to carve my name in the line of time

A signature of livelihood so elegant and fine

I write for immortality

I fight for immortality

And when my body finally drops from time's toll,

The whole world will rememer, I am immortal...




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