I am Art

I am an artist.

My hands are the creators.

I paint what I want people to feel what I felt at that moment.

I am the creator of emotion,

with my fingertips I am the mini god in my vast hidden universe.

I created myself.


I am the performer.

I act out the different personalities in my head.

I can be whoever I want to be.

The audience tries to decipher me.

With the light in my face,

I am the actor.


I am the photographer.

I rob glances of moments that cannot be retrieved.

Aesthetic Thief.

Shots of beauty I rob,

That Age cannot possess.

That Death cannot own.


I am the poet.

Words are use to convey emotion

from one being to another.

The way to express to humanity with words.

To communicate without saying it.

Without putting effort forcing noise into the atmosphere.

I use my words to pierce the heart of those who forgot how to feel.


I am the artist.

I feel for others that do not have the time to feel for themselves.

I feel for the world that cannot be felt


I am art.


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