I ADMIRE YOU (I am talking to a reflection of my strong self about making the decision to abstain from sex before marriage)



I admire you

For committing to do what you are about to do 

For obeying God’s word

And pledging to stay both pure and true.


Until the one special day in life

Every little girl dreams of

When she marries the man God chose for her

And unites with her one real love.


I can not promise the days ahead will be easy

Some days may get a lil’ rough

Boys with abs, bo legs, pretty eyes, and a nice smile

Run girl, even cry…just don’t give up yo’ stuff!


I will be remiss

not to tell you, my reflection, the truth

That the God you serve is a keeper

And that He will strengthen you.


Can’t appreciate what is being asked of you now?

I didn’t…can’t tell no lie

But this one thing I can offer

As you grow, you’ll understand this better by and by.


The day when you finally can enjoy

The forbidden moment of which I speak

While others will carry baggage into their bonds

Pure pleasure with your husband will be what you seek.


So, wait baby girl!

You are worth more than you know

 Betwixt the hip, you hold a jewel so precious, so dear

Cast it to swine and you’ll surely reap what you sew.


It is not only because of your beautiful skin, dimples so deep

Boldness, talent, or for your convictions so true

I admire you! I admire you!

For committing to do what you are about to do!

This poem is about: 


D'Yera Mincey

This poem reflects my inner strength and conviction to follow God's word and abstain from sex before marriage.

It is about me and shows that my spritiual teaching and upbringing have played pivotal parts in molding me into the person that I am today...a committed indivual with a  thirst to be the best that I can with the life that I have been lent. 

Thanks for this opportunity to express myself and for this chance to win a scholarship to further my career ambitions.  


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