I am black radiance. I am.

I am.

I am black radiance, a reflection of the sun,

It feeds on luminosity; I am the chosen one.

I am peaceful fire, percieved to destroy,

Instead I present to you, joy; I aspire.

I am power, mighty as a lord,

A beautiful, remarkable black blooming flower.

I am night, the twinkle-twinkle little star,

Peaking through the immense night sky.

I am queen, queen of the serene,

Composed at the touch, full of tranquility.

I am black girl magic, a strolling ancient tree;

Dating back to the 1650's.

I am euphoria, glowing at the scene;

Delicate skin, a honeysuckle;

Intricate constellations drawn upon my veins,

A jigsaw puzzle, my blood a flowing hurricane.

I am black radiance, a reflection of the sun.

I am.



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