I Am What I Am

I am what I am.

My name is not Sam.

I am someone who seeks love in this world that is constantly flowing.

The past is what I am made up of, and the future is what keeps me going.


The past is formed by my joy of discovering something new

with known and unknown fears.

The future shows how much I grew with three ingredients;

blood, sweat, and tears.


I am the shattered glass on the ground,

and the rage that comes with it.

I am the hopes and dreams of a boy that was once me;

the boy who dreamed of going beyond the horizon at the end of the sea.


But this boy is not me.

For he is the past and I am the present.

This boy does not see what I see.

I have come of a new scent.

That which is closer to a man's;

stronger and wiiser thanks to my past effort.

My progress is the fire, and my experiences are the fans.

The fans are what give that fire strength to make my obstacles scorch


So as you open a book, I am the word who's sum is even.

The word that defines me the most is Steven.


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