"I Am Poem" - "Freckles"

I am.....
Sorry I am unorganized, all over my room papers fly
I am a freckled, intellectual, modest, and calm dwelling spirit 
Life's cracks, glories, heartbreak, dreams, are all on my face, proudly I wear it
I'm rather adventurous and wild like the previous line, sometimes I get out of line


My moods swing because of the little things
But I still love the thrill the sand glass of life tings
I sometimes even eat the sand to produce feelings of nostalgia
But it reminds me of who I am, an individual filled with negatives


Sorry it is natural, that we humans are judgmental to ourselves
The microscopic voice in my brain, needs to be tamed
Sorry I get off track easily, but hey, it's just me being me
My bruxism makes me have perfectly gritty teeth


I'm tough with them, but hey, it's just me being me
I am a person who is afraid of death and nothingness
I am unsure of a beyond our perception being, if it is real, free me
I am a lost spirit finding the body I left after I entered the Astral Plane


I was kissed by the sun and I kissed her back, but I got burnt
My lessons were learned, you should always yearn
I want to dance with freckles with a baby girl
I want to dance with freckles all over the world

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