I Am One

I Am One

I am one who wonders what a dad is like

Even though mine is still alive

I am one who scares easier than most

Though I love the rush


I can’t stand drawing on the sidewalk

The stubs of chalk are nails in my ears


I am one that sings very loudly in my car

Even though it’s mostly yelling

I am one that tends to fall

Though I am pro at catching myself


I play the guitar

The strums hold hands with my voice


I am one with twenty siblings

Even though they are all grown up with children

I am one with doodles along the sides

Though I’m trying to pay attention


I work everyday, I am so tired

My body is a sack of potatoes


I am one which feels alone

Even though there are people everywhere

I am one which makes people laugh

Though I care more about the deeper stuff


I love driving stick shifts

My desire to drive them is the ocean’s pull


I am so very strong

Even though I cry uncontrollably

I am so amazing

though I don’t always see it


I eat too much

There’s a black hole in my stomach


I am one going to go far in life

Even though I don’t see it

I am one going to help others

though I have a hard time helping myself


I crave a relationship

There’s an arrow pointing towards him


I am one loving to learn new things

Even though I zone out

I am one loving the night sky more and more

Though I have a hard time staying up at night


I feel like I have not much else to say

The end is here.

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