Face the Demons

You tell me I’m nothing

You tell me I am worthless

That I have no talent

That no one really loves me

That they’re lying to me

And laughing behind my back


You dig your nails into my back

And hiss softly in my ear

Making your voices soft and sweet

Making me believe

That your voices are mine

And that they speak the truth


You’re nothing but mist

Demons of my past

That want nothing more

Than to make me believe

My worst fears and nightmares

Are all actually true


You tell me I’m selfish

To keep me from admitting

That I’m proud of myself

You tell me I’m vain

To keep me from appreciating

My own beauty


You are not real

You’re just a group of voices

Inside my head and nowhere else

You’re all liars


With malice at heart


I am done

I’m finished with all of you

I’m trembling with fear

As if afraid of backlash

As I confront your hideous forms

But I’m still standing here


Let my arms tremble

Let my knees shake

I’m still standing here

Let my tears flow

Let my voice be weak

I’m still speaking up


I am talented

My voice is strong

And my fingers fly

Across ivory keys

As the lyrics swell up

From deep in my soul


I am a creator

And my hands are for

Making beautiful messes

Of charcoal, pencil, ink,

And creating artworks

With secret stories within


I am loved

By friends and family

Who genuinely care

And want me to triumph

Over the lying voices

That haunt my nightmares


I am of infinite worth

To a loving God

Who has told me

He loves me

That I am worthy of His Grace

And His everlasting love


And who are you

Intangible voices

Who belong to no one

To tell me who

And what I am

What is your authority?


You are not me

You are not my voices

You do not speak for me

About me

To me

About all the things I’m not


I am filled with love

I am kind and gentle


Caring and sweet

I am humble

I am teachable


I have power and strength

Beyond what I know

But what I do know

(All I need to know)

Is that this power is enough

To push through your lies


I am beautiful

I am passionate

I am empathetic

I am imaginative

I am intelligent

I am priceless


Most importantly

I am loved

By family

By friends

By my Lord and Savior

And by myself


You have no power

No hold

No claim

On my mind

My heart

Or my soul


I am powerful

And I will never again

Let these voices steal away

What is rightfully mine:

Power and strength

For I am my own


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