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It’s hard to sit here and figure out what we were, Because the past few years have kind of all turned into a blur. I know we weren’t lovers, but I also don’t think we were just friends,
Yes this is really me, really us And I still have the graphic tees And the white tube socks And all the other things we never wear anymore All the other things that collect dust in the closet
Into the darkness I go, 
Is the sky blue?  Is the rain loud? Or is all going down in your world of make believe? Are you in a fantasy?
Is the sky blue?  Is the rain loud? Or is all going down in your world of make believe? Are you in a fantasy?
You're in love that I've heard? Oh, does he know that you have scars, That highlight the truth, imprisoned in bars? Ah! Maybe the luckygirl have got her wild card.
Aren't we exactly where we started? A path we are unable to cross,
She was born of woman as a word, swaddled in question marks but cooed with answers - statements of soothing reassurance
So ..... What makes these stupid blacks think that crime and selling crack will get them out the ghetto ? What makes these fools think that ?!? And ......
Dear God, Why have you made me this way? What is the purpose? You say that those like me; We are to burn. You don’t make mistakes,
Where does my soul touch my body? When I’m hurt why do I cry? What does it mean to be human? Do we even catch God’s eye?   Our time on earth is short; we’re born, we live, we die.
The questions pop up like fireworks Sparks flying out  I cover my face, evading them while fire licks the dark sky I push my hand over my ears I don't want to see, to think It hurts, my head straining
“Read between the lines” But there is nothing between, or underneath No secret message, hidden code, Or meaning
I have a task at hand I must get it done My mind cannot help But wander  
This little part, our corner Our little dot in the galaxy We’ve made something for ourselves, didn’t we?
A Year Alone I chose to go To somewhere that was quite unknown   Whole new ideas I had never heard Ways of thinking I thought were absurd   And all my thoughts?
How do you write something happy that's also good?   My efforts always seem to fall short when I attempt to write about how the sun feels on my skin, because that skin contains scars
For thy Questions I call to thy art whom made heaven and earth is the earth heaven or hell
I remember being youngcareless, not a worry in the world I was so happyI was that kid running aroundtrying to race everyone never feeling alone
Do I want It? 23, responsibility free Single? (possibly ready to mingle) Five years master (double major) Beautiful disaster, double the wager
As people, we’re always judgmental Some of us pick on others Until that person is dismantled I hate that this is a dog eat dog world Where is the positivity for the boys and girls?
I hate the way she looks; But I want to look just like her. Her olive skin and dark hair, Her hips that curve wider and wider. But that’s her not me. She’s fake but I’m not good enough either.  
Today I have done what many have done. Today I have died while still breathing.
Why is it that people are so afraid of change? Do they actually find a sense of comfort in the prosaic and predictable? How is that a way to live? Is it even a way to live?
Why assume I am always busy with work? Why assume you are bothering me? Why are you acting like everything is bright ignoring the darkness? Why can’t you confess you suck at communication?
What do we do when we are not okay inside and Everyone around us doesn’t notice and Make it worse. What do we do when it hurts inside and It is too deep to fix and We can’t ask for help.
Humanity knows nothing, and everything is a question, from the insignificant to the minutely less insignificant, like why did I have a bad day, and why does the universe exist.
I've lived here all my life, Some people have lived and many died. I write to you, not because I'm bored, But I've lived here 17 years, Never have I met my landlord. I have many questions,
If I were to whisper into the depths of the deepest soul,  Would my voice be heard?  Should I venture into the darkest crevice of human spirit, Would I be lost? 
Dear Love of My Life.   You have my heart yet not my name You have my love but not yet gained  
  Dear self,
Nothing works words escape my mind and leave me with nothing i can’t control it anymore noone believes me about how far gone it is oh no they say to stop and do what nothing
Who are you, When I'm not looking? How much does my love mean, If yours doesn't match it?
Did you finally find /your heart— /so vivid and crisp /when last we saw it? /Is it a red wine now, /found at room temperature /in your creaking cellar /where you store the things /you’re afraid to face at night?
To Missense I only write letters to family though estranged, that you still are, after all You’ve run in the blood
Openness. What do we need? Is it good? Is it bad? Or is it simply a method for us to expand. Allowing us to give our enemies a sharper knife. What are we to know. What are the intentions? The reasons? The wishes?
Is God just an illusionIs religion just an institution?People say the deadare looking down on usI wish it were truebut don't the deadhave better things to do?Are they still a part of this world? 
I see u's, I see n's, I see faces. They seem to tell a story, but they advocate none of the true. It all seems real until you see the flash. The flash of force 
It's 12:07AM here. I'm thinking about howSome people can listen to laughs in a sea of sadness yet not feel happy for them or marry a heart of blackness after they've already found a rare golden gem. I'm thinking about how A stitch in time saves ni
It feels like yesterday It all happened to quick I cry from it still Why did you have to go So young So bright So handsome  So sweet The pain to know
To listen, or not to listen? That is the question Whether it is right to listen to the sound of others Following what they believe to be of sound mind Or to take a stand for one's own thoughts,
Icy like mint
Life that is without direction, Without thought. People that lead without choice, Without reflection. Those who experience true feeling,
Will you still love me When I am not capable to bear children? Will you still love me
I feel the end is near.10 minutes till the credits.Unused film on the ground.There are no more edits. By all means,It was a great movie.From the mysterious beginning,To the ending that threw me.
Why did you do this to me? Why did you crush all my hopes? You took all my hard work And threw it to the ground Like it meant nothing. Do you hate me or something? Why do you hate me?
One thought: I get one search each day. I search and search in hope of that simple thing: The privilege to love, and the honor of being loved By another.  
Lay in bed Sleeping time is finally here Just ready to pass out Forget the world Ready to dream
Scavenger  Day and Night Daunting dawns High Noon, Low Noon Dust to dust, til the end No place like home No home to begin with  Traveler Perhaps on a mission
You don't really know What words are worth Until you live them out The words at first seem fleeting Until you take them seriously until that promise keeps echoing in your head and you wonder
What's the most important part of the outfit? For some it is the shoe, the shirts, the hair But for me,  it won't simply be found anywhere. You can't buy it in a store, Nor have it tailored.
Mommy, where's daddy? Mommy, what does the word "divorce" mean? Mommy, what's our new address? Mommy, what do the dreams mean?  
If only He made me a beautiful nymph, Though I do not mean to question my existence, But I do. You know who I love, What and who I want to love, As who I am for that lover,
I know it isn't cold, But perhaps my hands are. Yes they are fingerless, Which makes no sense to you. But the cold is not the reason I wear them.   I wear the gloves for safety,
What blooms in a cold heart? What is lost to a new day? What does it mean to be right? Which love plays a bigger part? Which name makes you want to stay? Which  is the wrong time for might?
What happens after I am happy, I'm energetic and alright. I'll be happy for a while, Not tiered at all, Keeping myself up, With these ideas of joy and love. This is my state of mania perhaps,
Why???   The globe is big, and heavy Noone can carry it on their own. But when I walk out into it I feel like i’m alone   Why me?
The sky exposes my melancholy and distress, I won't be the girl next to you in a white dress. Why did you ruin our dreams? Perhaps it was a nighmare in reality and woke you up in screams.  
Don't ask me if I want to be X. I will be what I desire.  If I wanted to be a boy, Don't you think I would be? If I wanted to be a musician, Then that wouldn't be a mystery. If I wanted to be skinny 
Angel of darkness Marksman within nothingness Life’s ending cession Ever watching life’s play park Tribute to the angel shark. Ending is beginning
  Who are you curiously reading this poem of mine, a hundred years from now? Will you be able to evaporate into a whole other universe Will my present be a ripple in your now,
I never understood the love in your eyes, the way your you held me in your arms, or the sweet whispers  of your love for me. I just couldn't grasp it, even if it was placed
What do I need? What do I want? What is a need?   Something important? Something vital? Something?   I need food I need shelter I need...   Friends?
What do I need? What do I want? What is a need?   Something important? Something vital? Something?   I need food I need shelter I need...   Friends?
My Lord My savior My breath the marrow of my bones the thing i can't live without He's worth more than gold, persuasive words, & status My comforter in midst of unbearable pain, broken promises and shame
Past or Future? Optimism or Pessimism? Trust or Skepticism? Right or Wrong? Why limit ourselves to a mere two choices? Why ruin ourselves with the simple? "Happy?" "Sad?" "Okay?"
I came upon Life as I crossed the street in calm serenity I was reposed, and she composed, in hushed tranquility.  
Is it the way the breeze feels on the skin On a hot day, when you just feel it within Is it a child's smile? So innocent and Undeniable Or is it something unmeasurable? Something that's naked and unable.
Dusky days waiting for moonlight; White flowers lost in teardrops of a bleeding heart; Ladders crumbling to dust; Hidden inscriptions of shadows; Fragile pieces of sky, Stuck in strands of cobwebs;
baby girl I see you got the finest ass too bad you ain't got no class your lack of education shows desperation you seek for fame instead of self gratification.
Am I an object? A ragdoll that you’ll play with and throw away. It happens to other girls, What makes me think it won’t happen to me?
Does pain really cease? Or is it a mere conformity? Does darkness provide ease? Or simply consume the light we no longer see?
Have you ever felt like your skin is too tight? like your blood is cold or boiling? have you ever felt like you are suffocating?
Where did it begin? Glances exchanged. Two lovers unaware of what God has arranged. Interests shared, along with stories of the past. Moments became years and the relationship was meant to last.
She asked Him a question   which was an interesting one it was just that   suppose if He had not met Her in His life   what would He have felt missed in His life?  
I’ve questions upon questions.A quest just to find the answers.And I still have yet to head back home.The Valley is where I live,Where all the questions lie.The answers,
How can one word define infinite possibility. How can one sentence define a future. If it were up to me I would write a book.  A feature length film.  A memoir on the lives of each of us. 
  One thing that was said is that I was wrong Not understanding why this came about Haven’t heard something like this in so long Saying all these things they wanted all out
Maybe I'm unlucky Maybe I'm dumb Maybe I'm second  Maybe she's the one Maybe I Lie Maybe it's not love Maybe is too much Maybe I have some other things to think of.
How can I be sure? He says he loves me, but does he truly mean it? How do I know? What is love anyway? Is love the way he holds my hand, or how he says my name?
Hello Charles.  I'm not going to call you grandpa becayse I've never met you, and I haven't always heard the best things about you.  But if I could, I would give you the chance to explain yourself.
There are many ways that I can define me My major, my gender, or my history. Lets start simple, something easy. My major is definitive, it's Biology. I am a scientist at heart, a studier of the sea,
A lady came up to me today, She had lost both breasts With soul in her eyes she spoke of a savior. Naive promises of saccharine salvation and loving embraces  Coated her tongue. "It’s too good to be true"
Each individual speckle of light
  You never asked me What my favorite color was, What my favorite food is, What my favorite flowers were   You only asked me questions like: "Why is the sky blue?"
To be a wolf or a sheep?
She would love to know the time of night that the life in her heart walked away
  The smoke from the tip of my cigarette pencils an abstract art on the air. I remember childhood like it was yesterday, 
What does it take to end the pain What does it take to care for others What does it take to put down the razor What does it take to care for yourself What does it take to change yourself
My life became  a
Thoughts keep rolling in and out of my mind like kids hyped up suger  On a day to day basis I keep thinking to myself,
What is Good? What is Evil? What is Love? What is Happiness? What is Peace? What is War? What is Life? What is Death? What is Destiny? What is Fate? What is Kindness?
So, we sit We wait What now? The smooth, seductive sound Of the blues swim around us The intoxicating moods that shift all around I look at you You look at me
You are not my puppeteer I have feelings, emotions Thoughts I can feel pain I can speak on my own I can love the people I chose to love I am not bound by strings
Forget The World With Me?
Drip Drop Drip
Thoughts unhinderedTravel spry, in the form of prose,Observation won't ceasewhen the world slows.
I was wondering... 1.      Do I really only have two followers who are interested in talking to me? 2.      Do I not post enough? 3.      Do I seem like a nuisance? 4.      Am I one?
What is it like to be happy?  What does it mean to have a mental illness?  What if I have a mental illness?  What is depression?
As if there'll ever be, As if they could one day see. Who am I, only the one before your eye. Yet no one must know if the deepest secret is true.
Is there meaning beside the running river water? Is there meaning within the giant Solaris in the sky? Is there meaning beneath the grass, beneath the sod or the dirt, which is brown, cold, and old? If I claw
what is love is it just a four letter word
Raw as can be, I sit on my chair,feeling,although I don't like to be felt.  My head hurts from thinking too much aboutthe undeniablefuture. 
 Don't you get it? I'm not okay I'm not just tired I'm not fine I'm not good My life is not great  Don't you get it? You need to understand that you don't know everything
Why am I here? Why is there fear? Why do I feel this pain? Why do I choose to remain? Why do I cry these tears of blood? Why do they just fall in puddle of mud? Why do I write?
There’s never a day we go without social network Social sites create many ways for people to make friends “Double tap for a TBH”- Instagram, Retweet for a S/O- twitter
Remembering the time when i wanted to get older, thought things would be a lot easier as I`ve seen grown ups do their own way.   As my height grows inch by inch, clothes I wear changed day by day.
I gave up a lot To pursue this love But now it seems That I was blind and dumb     I dedicated my life My entire childhood To pursue a dream
At an early age we are tought that
The world is so weird now, I always ask myself the obvious things. Why is this difficult? Or how could you be so sane?
Love me just one time no more motions and heart crimes no more potions and dinner dimes
Wolves in sheep wool.they climb over walls and breach the inner sanctum.infiltration of the darkest depth in your ocean,your seas of troubles are seen and screened.the poor souls don’t even know.
Today I say good morning to the sun! Usually it is the sun that wakes me up every single day. But today is special... At six a.m. it is I smiling down as the Sun Stirred from his deep, deep slumber.
Darkness isn't always bad. Darkness doesn't make you mad Darkness isn't always wrong It shouldn't be feared upon. It is a normal phenomenon in our world
*This is not written to offend anyone at all, and if it does I am truly sorry*   To find my path
Round and round we go time continually moving through an infinite loop of truths and experiences prove that  we are not as used to to the unforseen movement of reaity 
How can you judge someone when you do not know them How can you call someone fake when you do not know the real them How can you criticize someones writing when you never read it
There is nothing wrong with asking a question But before you begin, allow me to answer some of the more common ones My scarf does not show regression And yes, I know I look like a nun I have plenty of hair
Droplets of water, In we go to depths unknown; Impact magnified.
How I would love to love a scientist of curious mind and dazzled eyes which seek understanding of complexities in order to bask in their impossible beauty for they understand the statistical significance
A day recedes,     I'll chase down one more nightA lamed and hobbling Spring     tries to outrun the tideof all the misspent monthsand all this wasted time
“You can’t save everyone People are destined to perish
If a boy sinks to his knees
Who are you? You help make me, you birthed me , but who are you?
Setting and wondering while light walks slowly Does it walk slowly or fly by to suddenly Are qualities born or made and if there made why do some just look within there reach
Forbidden crystals And possibilities within Soaring through the questions Revealing secrets to wanderers   Unknown colors and shapes Where paradise awaits Adventures unfolding
what is it that defines us? our bodies, our minds, our hearts, our busts, our victories, our finds?   can we change? our views, our thoughts, the loves, the hates, our destiny?  
I am A ship without a captain. I tread water quietly, lap-ping at my sides It pushes and pulls me softly... Calmly I sway in the direction the water calls, Just as I always have.  
what is wrong, what is right?   who am i, who are you?   how do i know what i see is real, and how do i know that you are you?  
and if i could snap my fingers and clap my hands and nod my head and stomp my feet or say a word and make anything happen   I'd make a change  
Everything is true, and nothing is true”
Death is not a beautiful thing.           It's terrifying.           Just the though of it makes my heart quicken.            What lies beyond, deep into the abyss.
You called me your brother.
  These walls are too white These lights are too bright What am I doing with my life?   I could be out there In the warm summer air Where has my courage gone?  
Eternally silent you stare past the clouds, Eternally questioning I stare past them too, Only difference is, You can see me, But I can’t see you.
Rain drops on the pond, Their tiny little ripples that stir the water in curious patterns. Oh, how I love to watch the rain. Maybe our lives are like those itty bitty rain drops,
Should I stay, Should I go, Should I pray, Even for a foe? Should I walk, Should I run, Should I talk, Show my ideas a little sun? Should I stand tall, Should I crumble and weep,
Have you ever considered the mind of a fish? Whether he laments his glass imprsonment And dreams of swimming in the ocean?   Have you ever pondered the state of a house?
  They Come at Dawn             Groaning, screeching, yelling             They jolt the boards             Clawing like savage beasts
  They Come at Dawn             Groaning, screeching, yelling             They jolt the boards             Clawing like savage beasts
Where are you,
Going through so much Day in......Day out.... fatigue overwhelms my emotions When does it stop? Did I cause this or bring it upon myself?
When starting out  We are like a cocoon All wraped up in love Blind to our surroundings As time goes on we start to break free We find out that our cocoon of love Was never what it seemd
You want change you say, and here you all are preaching it. Preaching it to please. Please who? Yourselves? Pu-lease.           Oh, oh, oh! I'll change lives.
What if I’m wrong?
  i wonder if ..  
Timeless Stone             An ageless face             Carved under sunlight,             Ripened by moonlight.             A tasteless taste  
I’m so sick of biting my tongue Walking on eggshells around you You and I used to be so close Now I can’t even stand you I want so much to let you go But we’ve been friends for so long
Change, everything is constantly changing. We need to change the issue of bullying. People are dying, children are crying, yet still there's hate. When will the world see that something needs to be done.
Humans are such liars. We talk about how much we want honesty among us, but then we turn around and lie to the very same people we told that to.
Imagine a world you never have known Colors and shapes and ways to be shown,
What would be the price of a life? How would one measure the price of a life? Would it be based on the physical condition and the person's appearance? Or on their personality?
If Time passes like the wind is it really that Important? If people die every day do their lives even mean a thing? Why are we even here if we will just pass away someday? Why are we existing
To the one that has gathered us all here,The understander of things that we do not,I hope that you hear when I inquire of you,The wish to fathom the years and verses that we spendon the ground of this sturdy orb.
Where is it you ask? Why, to the south In the place of the things The things that were seen By the people. Do you remember the people? They came here a long time ago In carts,
One person. If my words can touch one person, Then it will be worth it. That's what they say. But what if I never know.. What if I never see.. What if I never hear.. How my words,
Sometimes I wonder though my brain is so small why the universe even exists at all.    We think of our planet as  a considerable size but have you seen the universe?
The only place where its not normal to be normal. humanity, humans, homo sapiens; we are so amazingly peculiar, different, the same. We are truly Simplicity at its finest; Long dense answers to a question that has never been asked.  I exist?
Dancing in the grass, feeling faint, I might collapse
Who Am I? A question asked on every application ever written Asked in every interview ever given But I still don’t know the answer   Who Am I? I know where I’m from I know who my family is
WHY?  The child asks, Mum Why does the sun shine so bright,  WHY is the grass so green, and the water so blue? Mum WHY, WHY Mum WHY? one day you'll know child 
What do you do when there are no words to expressall the thoughts you've barely fathomed into a conscious
It's shaking at the bars of this cage, Causing tremors in my sanity, Making me lose grip on reality, Oh, how I wish I knew just what was causing this infernal rage rising inside,
  I feel like I’m one dimensional I feel like I’m the only one who sees how I see I feel like the harder I try to be exceptional The more flaws are pointed out to me   I’m scared of what’s ahead
Dear Lord...I need to talk to youbut as oppose to all our previous conversations I would like to do It differently today...
  I can’t stand it. Everyone thinks that they know better, But they don’t.
Throughout or lives we encounter many stories. Many we can't find the theme or the theme's unlike the contents held inside the story
lost in fear and so distraught never doing what you ought lost in sight and lost in mind the world seems to respond in kind   battle on, my weary child
if. the two letters stuck in the middle of this crazy thing called   life. the four letters that can be amazing or we can say if   only. the one word
You are always everywhere for me Playing all my games You make me feel brand-new You make me feel invincible I never got the chance to say All that needed to be sung But you never complained
I walked a mile to high school everyday. I sat for six hours. I learned about subjects that I didn't care about. When school was over I walked a mile home and spent my own time  doing more work.
I don't understand myself.I look in the mirror and have no idea how as to how the sparkle in my eye got there.I can't even begin to imagine how my soul works or my mine or my state of being.
What they say it might be true.My feelings for you are just old news.I look at you with a face of disgust.I'm running from my the feelings of lust. I can't help but cry.From all of the pain I hide inside.My heart will forever beat for you.I keep t
    With soggy eyes and lonely fears, Seasoned hands and anxious ears, It was a bittersweet night,
What if you, nobody new,  were found to be unwanted. Not just by those who seem to rule society. But by those who were intended to love you? What would you, 
Is it loving your best friend, or loving someone who becomes your best friend? Is it being with someone who makes you comfortable or with someone who entices you to challenge life and take risks?
Somewhere along the road to Zion, I fell from the narrow path It's time that I return from iron, it's time that I head back It was written in the form of lions, which created a clamp
You laugh.  They stare.  I sit.  Why does this happen every time I ask a question?  I'm sorry I'm different.  I'm sorry my eyes let words on the overhead dash around like they are playing leap frog. 
My friend and I were talking one day and he asked me, "What do you think about the state of downtown?" I thought about this question for a second and said...
"I Am" I am an infinitesimal blemish in this everlasting eternity that is time and space I wonder with doubt, and I doubt with wonder
I've left you hurt Dazed Confused Lost and what did you do? Called Wrote Cared
Am I the only one to look up at the sky and wonder What is beyond the stars yonder Like a sponge I soak up information About anything that I can find
Bridges from one cliff to another. Bridges over cold, unforgiving water. It's life, Earth-shattering thunder. No matter what you say, You dont want what's under.   A bridge is a blessing.
What Do You MEAN I'm Suspended?  Im not allowed to say that in class? Im not allowed to say that thinking about taking my life isn't me being a coward but instead you being inconsiderate?
Traveling the heartless tunnel, where I must defend, Where I must pace slowly, The Raging Wolf snarls in my glittered path. Muting the song of heartbreak with his temper, His seductiveness and lust-
Three years next Tuesday. That was the day you left me. I've questioned God for three years. I've asked why you were taken instead of me. It may not have been that type of situation.
Why, why, why? Always a question, never an answer Why to do this, why to do that... It's all about the reasoning The why Why, why, why? Always running through the head Why, why, why?
My problem is that a love a lotI love an abundant amount of peopleFrom family to friendsTo strangers I met just onceSo I suppose I say I love you too muchBut I believe love comes in many forms and levels
I try my best to be brave,but then it feels like I'm hiding in a dark hallow cave. I don't know what to do anymore,What's the right thing?I'm not sure,
Everyone's telling me I should ask her out, I think about her daily, I wonder if this means I like her, Will it ruin our friendship, Will she even want me, Tis better not to ask,
Are you real? Are you honestly here for me? Always by my side? Forever my shepherd guide?   My mom tells me to pray,
Tell me.                                     Who do you see? When I look in the mirror...        Who looks back at me? Who should I see?                   Who am I really?
Before my waking life, I was colors I was the flowing frequency unheard Undetected Existing bodiless, yet connected still To everything that ever was A blinding flash of energy
When you walk away and decide to turn back, Is he already starring at you, or does he hold back? When you open your eyes as you give him a kiss, Does he smile at you, does he tickle your lips?  
I heard the last bell ring as day turned to night  As I heard the last bird sing. The sky burned fiery and then darken everything in sight.
Remind me why I try- I try to please With mounting ease, Without ever questioning why;   Remind me why I’m here again, Emitting the same cry So shrill and filled with pain
Is it my fate to move forward amongst my peers? Is it too lateare my fortunes beyond the seers? Do I step into the heights to gain hope and grandeur? Do I veer back into the night to a silent allure?
I await the benevolence. No rebellion to be found here, nor even a challenge just a confounded nomad seeking serenity. I hope we'll all one day be able to break through the irony.
What am I feeling, I don’t know myself, I question but there seems to be no answer Then I wonder and see if it can be found.   After awhile, I rest and dream. Your always in them, it was a very pleasant dream.
Today I became angry with GodWhom I do not believe in
(poems go here)   Obra Maestra   He called onto the dirt, made the soil reflective The final ounce of life now materializing
What If? What if sandwiches could talk? Cuz it looks like they have mouths. What if trees could walk? Cuz the roots look like legs. What if pictures were portals to the past? Cuz picture frame shapes look like small time machines.
On her Pedestal she sits, yet she takes no pleasure from it. Both Comfort and cage she watches, wishing to participate, yet ever mindful of the consequences..
Have you asked yourself the question, “what am I doing here?” Trying to get even a glimpse of what you’re supposed to be doing or becoming… Am I on the right path? How will I know? What if I’ve already completely screwed up?
You've got my mind working overtime Stole my heart, you've done the crime I can't find the words I should say- Hearing from you brightens my day Say to voice my feelings for you
Is it truly never enough for such a word to be understated? to question its power and under rate it? to be sorry is it not enough?
Anger. Love. Strength. Weakness. Hate. Fear. I write for them. They take over. They use my pen to escape. Word By Word. Once they start, they do not stop.
I sit here today, thinking, and wondering why everything is the way it is, What is up in the sky?
How do you spell that? What does it mean? In what language? What are you mixed with? So which one of your parents is black? Wait, one fourth white? How does that work? What kind of asian are you?
I stood there one night and grace my eyes upon the sky. And said "please Angels send me a message, i need to speak with God." I' am sad Lord. My debt is building, yet from trying to better myself with school.
Pressure up the side Curls around the neck Traces every curve How does it form? Continuity turned erratic Straights transition to diagonals Questions natures laws Can anything be truly perfect?
Blind, Can you see me? Deaf, Can you hear me? Mute, Can you tell me? Heart, Can you love me? Death, Can you hurt me?
Why? Everyone wonders, Why? Everyone asks, Why this? They cry, Why that? They sigh.
As I read the letter you gave to our class, I am overcome with the sense of my weight on this earth and get the bizarre feeling that I am shrinking literally down to the size of a speck. If you could even call me a speck, I would be honored.
I Knew a Man Once I knew a man once. He was a good man, He gave me somewhere to put my faith. Somewhere to go when I couldn’t see for the snow Blizzards swirling around our living room.
Today I live! But what if tomorrow I died? Would you care? Would you cry? Would you hope for me to rise And live eternally in the skies? Would you wish upon a star Hoping I would not go to far?
There will be a time when you feel your life slipping by there will be nothing you can do but let him come for you
We're broken from the inside out tell me where do we go now in these dark nights and hopeless times when all our faith runs out
God with us God with us, I’ve heard it said before But what does it really mean to be with the Lord?
when did you do it? when did you steal my heart? and how? you must of tricked me, trapped me, lured me and fooled me-- like prey.
Inspired by Albert Camus' The Stranger Are you scared      to think that you will never understand this life, little alone yourself or your friends?
How do you know for sure this isn't the last time you are going to hold me tight and let me dance on your feet?
I never know what I'm going to write OR IF IT WILL BE ALL CAPS or lower case Or if I'll use proper punctuation.
Fear fills me As I sit and think of the near future Will I make Am I good enough What struggle may i go through All sorts of questions fill my Head At this point I'm complete scared
Coming to an end No drama to be found Solely disappointment What could be and what was Nothing but a large fuzz A cloud, a wall, a veil Sad, but true Not one thing to misconstrue
Trapped in a box Surrounded by boxes Blinded by illusions Searching for truths What is reality? Is there such a thing?
Hard work, time, skill, There’s so much at risk How to decide What your priorities are. Are they right? Wrong? How to continue When you fail.. When you fall down Hit the ground headfirst
(poems go here) (A young boy is being interviewed on the happenings at Conneticut Elementary. He tries to get it out as best he can, but his feelings right now are a mixture of emotions his soul has never encountered. He begins to speak)
How far is repentance When damnation surrounds? How far is forgiveness When darkness confounds? How far is love When lust consumes? How distant the stars When stuck in our tombs?
Unable to wrap my mind around all the people behind in my life All those people in the pages Names in the contents Chapters of my life and writers of my character All those people History to what is me
There are explanations. Explanations that God keeps tucked away in a little box, In the corner of his office. He doesn’t even know what he wants to do with them.
Bleed, pour, sacrifice Your body and your soul Fight back, or give in But you will never be whole.
The words fall Calmly Yet sharply Gracefully Yet cruelly Razors clothed in a hushed, quiet tone Yet, maybe, there could be A hint of longing, That lingers for me
Tell me if you're listening, what is is that makes life worth living? When everything is worth dying for what is left worth living for?
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