The Movie

Fri, 10/28/2016 - 19:20 -- Mcgyver

I feel the end is near.
10 minutes till the credits.
Unused film on the ground.
There are no more edits.

By all means,
It was a great movie.
From the mysterious beginning,
To the ending that threw me.

This movie had everything.
From comedy to pain.
If someone did ask me,
Yes, I would see it again.

It was full of passion,
and romance galore.
I can prove this to be true,
Those are my tissues on the floor.
Some parts were funny as hell,
Some parts were very intense.
A feel good movie of the year.
Even through the tearfull events.

Even though it's not over yet,
I still feel a little sad.
I really don't know why.
Cuz it was the best time I ever had.

From the beginning to now,
The whole thing was a thrill.
Always on the edge of my seat,
I could not sit still.

I should begin at the start,
When my date and I saw the trailer.
We looked at each other and thought
We gotta go now and not much later.

For you see the plot was similar
Of our very own relationship.
Two oddly paired characters,
Very up front with no censorship.

We were so excited to go.
The frenzy to get ready.
We help each other out,
We were feeling so giddy.

We were talking about the movie
while we drove in the car
A movie similar to us?
How so bizarre.

When we got to the theater
The parking lot was packed.
That was still ok
We held our tact.

We held hands and chatted
as we walked to the line.
Even though it was long
We were still fine.

We watched the other couples
As we smiled at each other
We listened to them talk
To one and another.

They all seemed to be giddy
Just like us two.
They seemed to think
The movie was about them too.

All the couples seemed
to be happy like us
Smiling and giggling
No one making a fuss.

I guess it always like that,
when the movie begins
You never know what to expect.
Everyone is full of grins.

We all had similar actions
We all did the same thing.
Into our mates eyes,
We were all gazing.

We thought it so nice to see
so many happy couples.
Coming in so cheerful
some even dancing a shuffle.

We seem to blend in.
We were such an odd pair.
It was pleasant to see
No one gave us a stare.

Why did so many
people come to see
a movie about
My girl and me?

We all got our seats.
Arms around each other.
We leaned in so close
We thought we were gonna smother

A good time for all
popcorn being chewed
In a movie theater
Thats the only good food.

As the trailers were over
and the movie began
We all fell quiet
That was the game plan

In the very first scene
We saw some people leaving
They seem to be arguing
Or thats what I was percieving.

As the movie progressed
More people would go
some were in pairs
and some were solo

We thought this was odd
The movie just started
Most of us together
Yet some had just parted

As the movie went on
I noticed another odd thing
Some couples would laugh
While others were crying

Thirty minutes in
I noticed something more odd
Some half of the couples would cry
While the other half would applaud

What a strange thing
for this to happen
For 1 person to cry
and the other laughing

My date and I
were still very happy
We were very pleased
With the movie we came to see

Halfway though the movie
I turned around to see
A lot of the couples had left
And a lot looked lousy

This is the strangest
theater ive seen
The trouble was with the people
And not the big screen

We looked at each other
and we just shrugged
Gave each other a kiss
and a great big hug

A couple more minutes in
Thats when it got weird
I was angry at what was on the screen
Yet my date just cheered

I turned to her
and looked at her like a nut
and she turned to me
and just said "what"

We seem to be doing
what the other couples had done
At times it was ok
But others it was no fun

I take the 3d glasses off
to give my eyes a rub
I looked into my pocket
and pulled out the stub

When I looked at the stub
Thats when my heart shrank
There was no writing on it
It was blank

I looked at the screen
and it was a different picture
I felt like I had taken
Some strange elixar

I put the glasses back on
and looked back at the screen
The movie was back
to what I had originally seen

I took them back off
to see it clearer
Lo and behold
The screen was just a mirror

When I realized
what was going on
I wiped the glasses clean
and put them back on

We all see the same movie
Just with a different view
A scary but true thing
Now what do i do?

For most of the movie
My date and I saw the same thing
It was only at the end
That things started to sting

Back to the beginning
10 minutes to go
I noticed now our faces
no longer had that glow

Should we leave now
to avoid the rush
and if we leave early
we can avoid the ego crush

I do know 1 thing
I wont leave alone
I will not abandon
The strength we have grown

The credits are rolling
and we are still here
What happens next
Is what I fear

Up until now for us
the movie was the same
it was only at the end
that it was not so tame

We normally stay
for the post credits
As a matter a fact
Were usually last to hit the exits

I wonder what she she is seeing right now
Is it the same thing that I see
Will there be any post credits
Or even part two or three

The credits just stopped
And the room is silent
only static on the screen
I stand defiant

We will see


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