The globe is big, and heavy

Noone can carry it on their own.

But when I walk out into it

I feel like i’m alone


Why me?

Why now?

Why here?

Why? HOW?


Is everything really as it seems?

Can it be better than it comes?

Or does it stay like this?

Does it stay in the abyss?


Why me?

Why now?

Why here?

Why? HOW?


I’m not pretty, i often think.

But what about those other girls who are dying for a wink

from a guy.. or a girl. to them it doesn’t matter.

They just want to be flattered.


Unappreciation often thrown around

as if it’s not supposed to be on the ground

Love is coming around again

Like it’s temporary or a season


When will it end?

The disappointment,the pretend?

I just want to be me again,

The one who isn’t afraid to love with all i have,

the one who isn’t afraid to do what i feel,

but everytime i try to be i get hurt as if i was never whole


Why me?

Why here?

Why now?



We’re christians or so we say

but yet we pass them up everyday..


This poem is about: 
Our world


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