Question the World


Imagine a world you never have known
Colors and shapes and ways to be shown,
What if the world was not as we know it
Oh picture the mind, the ways you could grow it

What if green was called red and purple instead of blue,
Grass would be red with a purple sky too.
Or a three sided square and a round triangle,
What if these questions are too much to handle?

The world as we know it was formed on just these,
Questions with answers that had yet to be seen.
In this ever changing world filled with mystery and joy,
To change how you think could seem just too coy.

But what if we change the inside of our mind
to explore and adventure – pray, what would we find?
A mind of a person is really quite neat,
Each new thing you teach them can be quite a treat.

So teach them to question, to learn and to find,
The answers to questions in the back of one's mind.
If up was down and left was right,
Questions and questions that don't seem so bright

Now science may answer much of what you ask,
But growing and learning is what you'll unmask.
So ask the ones too foolish or absurd,
There are no silly questions, haven't you heard?



I like it! it sort of reminds me of Dr. Seuss, maybe because of your rhyme schemes and rhetorical questions and whimsical ideas.

I do have a rebuttle for "there are no silly questions" at the end, however. I can think of one: asking "Is that Earth?" in a planetarium is a very, very silly question, lol.  Though I understand and appreciate the idea though of questioning the world and having an open mind about things :)

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