Don't You Get It?

Sat, 12/13/2014 - 19:04 -- AhhChoo

 Don't you get it?
 I'm not okay
 I'm not just tired
 I'm not fine
 I'm not good
 My life is not great
 Don't you get it?
 You need to understand that you don't know everything
 You need to know that because you love me doesn't mean I love myself
 You need to get that I'm not who I used to be
 You have got to learn that time heals slowly, I'm not going to be amazing in the next hour
 My life is not great

 Don't you get it?
 I smile because my dad thinks I'm still alive inside
 I laugh to show my sister that I'm not broken and that I'm okay
 I hug my mom and tell her "I love you" because she is blind to what she is holding
 I mess with my brother because I know he hates me and I want to show him I don't care
 My life is not great

 Don't you get it?
 I'm done hiding
 I'm done caring
 I'm done living
 I'm done pretending
 My life is not great

 Don't you get it?
 My life is not great


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