Popping Daisies

You are always everywhere for me

Playing all my games

You make me feel brand-new

You make me feel invincible

I never got the chance to say

All that needed to be sung

But you never complained

You never made me feel guilty


I never got the chance to hold you that way

Those lips I never drank in

That fire we never shared

But still you kept me as your trophy


And I am so drunk in this

Thinking of you, but not for you

These thoughtless hallucinations

Drag me down to earth

And you never questioned me

Breathing for me

These thoughtless hallucinations

They never took you down


You are always writing for me

Drawing out my sorrows

You make me feel sadness

You make me feel limitless

I never even told you

How much you mean to me

Oh, you are everywhere for me

But you never asked for anything


I never told you how to love me

But that was never the point

Crying in a field of daisies

I never questioned you before


And I am so taken by this

And you are so guilty by me

These unworthy lyrics

They never bring you back

And you never answered me

You left me here in the earth

These unworthy lyrics

They led you straight to me


And I thank you for being such a light for me

When I was overwhelmed by darkness

These selfish thoughts, my love

They were never yours


The Darcy Perspective

This poem is sort of raw and a bit more repetitive than I would like. But it all just kind of flowed out of my head, and as a song, I figure it could work.

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