With love,

I gave up a lot
To pursue this love
But now it seems
That I was blind and dumb
I dedicated my life
My entire childhood
To pursue a dream
Somehow I knew I never could
Right now it isn't clear
If the passion was ever there
Maybe it just dissolved away
Or you took it away coming here
I've always relied on others
To light the fire for this art
But even in the hardest times
I always kindled a spark
But you showed up and came
Somehow took away my flame
Pinched your fingers tight
And burned out my light
As others grow brighter
Bigger and better
I'm lost in the dark
Trying to find my center
So confused by your actions
I can't even see
If this passion was an illusion
If I had cultivated a fictional dream
I'm expected to show up
Put my best on the table
But how can I do that
When it comes to trusting you
I am unable 
Caught in the corner
Knowing blame will never solve
Confused as to if
I should regain or evolve
Stop cutting me open
Praying for my break
Because at some point 
I won't be able to take
Stop breaking others
And act like the hero
Realize you can't repair
And let your interest fall to zero
I see now that people are toxic
And that things really do change
When one goes away
And you are left to rearrange
So I'm letting myself blame you
I'm letting myself be angered
Because when you said "trust me"
I thought catching was the standard
Another lesson
Another lie
Another reason 
to not fly
Another person 
Who wants to see me break
Well you win
Congrats, celebrate
You did it 
Be proud
Great job
With love,
The one you shattered 
And forget to pick up


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