Mr. Butterfly's Waltz


Miss Invisible

Not to be noticed

When I am in the presence of the smaller and prettier  types

fade into the background

Unless I make my presence known

My friends they don’t understand

Why I have these thoughts of grief

And there he goes again

Walking my way, asking for the same dance

To Waltz

Not just any Waltz

Waltz where no one else knows the steps but us

Excuse me, mister

Can I exchange a whisper?

I have some questions that

Only you have the answers to

Why is it that you know exactly when to make

your grand dramatic  entrance and come to my rescue?

Why do you only appear to me when I’m feeling like

Miss Invisible  and Miss Lonely?

“Because you are my Butterfly; your soul reached out to me.”

Is that your final answer?

This constant cycle that never ends

When I’m feeling apart of the background

You always pick me up like an abandon toy

from your childhood that you play with when you feel like it

You make me feel special long enough for me to rethink

my decision

Seven years of a constant battle

With no one fully winning

I’ve only had small victories

and you’ve had yours that still remind me that

that you’ve really never left

and how you refuse to fade into the background

Hey, mister?

Why is this war not over?

Must you know me so well?

know me in and out, my offense and defense

know that I can’t resists but to answer your calls

No matter how much they change my mood and irritate me

I know it keeps you from showing up for everyone to see you

Do what they know you’ve done to me

Even though you haven’t met this new Butterfly

You seem to clutch my wings

when I landed upon your finger

I want you to let me go

because I am no longer your Butterfly

I did not mean for my soul to reach out to you

I can no longer let this war continue

Why must you play on my vulnerability?

Why must you always know when I’m feeling lonely?

This Waltz can no longer be performed

This three-count that only you and I share can no longer be remembered

Must you contact me making the promises that give me false hope?

Once I come back to my senses.

I realize that they’re previous promises you’ve never kept

Like a knife, you cut open wounds

that bleed a love that no one else understands

I don’t know how to explain what they don’t understand

Because I don’t understand it myself

This is not love

This is not hate  

This is something unexplainable

This is something I’m searching for an answer to

Yo, mister?

Why are you the only person with a penis that I’ll take this shit off of?

Because I never let anyone else treat me the way that you do

Why is that?

Is it because you expressed to me that you were born to tell me that you love me?

and the silly hopeless romantic in me lets me believe you?

Is it because amongst the skinner and prettier ones you picked me?

Could it be that because we take each other away from our

solidarity moments that makes us want to go back home?

You at least owe me that much.

Aye, mister

I’m waiting for my answers

I can’t keep listening to Secondhand Serenade

In search of the truth

Reality is, you haven’t changed

You’re so pathetic that you haven’t 

Even come up with new ways to lie

You’re a nuisance to my soul

An obstacle course I have yet to master

A repeatable battle

Waltz that I know too well

And wish I didn’t

I will not raise the white flag; for I have too much pride

To give you what you want


So mister, what will it be?

One of us has to give in first.

Let me be the first to tell you,



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