The Voice that Rises Above the Monarch

To listen, or not to listen? That is the question

Whether it is right to listen to the sound of others

Following what they believe to be of sound mind

Or to take a stand for one's own thoughts,

Fighting them so that you voice can be heard

No more following the herd to your doom

So, that their goal can be furthered,

no more!


By some unnatural way, we were given voices-

So, that one could be heard, not silenced.

Why do we listen to those who know not what-

We want, why do we follow their guidelines when

They have no effect upon us.


Now is the time,

To be heard so that others may listen to what we

Believe, so that they may realize how foolish they

Appeared to us when they spoke of their thoughts.

To prove to them that through all they do

They only manage to hinder the process

Of our growth with their voices.


To speak one's thoughts is a powerful

Gift! So why is it that only a chosen few

Are told to use it? Who are they to be told

To speak and never listen? Was the gift of

Are voices only meant to be given to a few

And not all? I say nay! It is now are time

To speak and be heard, to be listened to

By one and all so that instead of a cacophony

We may have a harmony of voices being

Listened to by one and all.


Why is it that we always lose one-

When we choose the other?


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My family
My community
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