Would You...?


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Today I live!
But what if tomorrow I died?
Would you care?
Would you cry?

Would you hope for me to rise
And live eternally in the skies?
Would you wish upon a star
Hoping I would not go to far?

Would you tell the people I care about
That I don't want them to pout
And not to miss me because I'll be near?
Or would you tell them the lies you hear,
Not knowing the things I hold dear?

Would you cry when you heard my name
And think that you were the one to blame?
Or would you curse upon my name
And say that I brought you shame?

I state the truth to you today
Hoping that you just might pray!
For today is Wednesday,
Tomorrow is Thursday
But on Friday my life starts to look grey!



I wrote this poem in April of 2005 when I was 17. In today's world with so much suicide it seems even more relevant then it did then. I hope you enjoyed it,

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