Bridges from one cliff to another.

Bridges over cold, unforgiving water.

It's life,

Earth-shattering thunder.

No matter what you say,

You dont want what's under.


A bridge is a blessing.

And a curse.

You can come to something better,

starting from somewhere much worse.

The thing is,

 You're on foreign turf,

uncharted waters,

a new Earth.

Life as you know it, ceases to exist.

On the new side of the bridge.


The question is,

Do you burn it?

Let the ashes fall and become the new river bed

Let the ashes fall to the depths,

where no one has ever been.

Do you leave it standing?

For others to follow,

a safe landing.

When others cross,

Do you risk the fall?

Or do you burn it?

So there's no chance at all.


... Bridges are a privilege.


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