Questions Unanswered

Mommy, where's daddy?

Mommy, what does the word "divorce" mean?

Mommy, what's our new address?

Mommy, what do the dreams mean?


Big Brother, why is Mommy crying?

Big Sister, can you make me something to eat?

Mommy, why don't the lights turn on?

Mommy, why is it so cold in here?


Big Brother, why is Mommy in the hospital?

Big Brother, is Mommy alright?

Big Sister, why isn't Mommy answering me?

Mr. Doctor, can you fix my Mommy?


Auntie, what happens at a funeral?

Big Brother, what should I wear?

Big Sister, why do you blame Daddy?

Auntie, why aren't you crying?


Auntie, where are you taking me?

Auntie, where's Big Brother?

Auntie, where's Big Sister?

Auntie, what is this place?


Mrs. Brown, why did Auntie leave me here?

Mrs. Brown, who are the other kids?

Mrs. Brown, am I ever going to see my family again?

Mrs. Brown, why didn't they want me?


God, why didn't they want me?




This poem is about: 
My family


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