“Read between the lines”

But there is nothing between, or underneath

No secret message, hidden code,

Or meaning

There is no "magic question"

So how can there be an answer?

And yet you expect something

Anything, everything,

Pushing and pulling those baby teeth

Not caring about the blood,

The pain will stop eventually

But why?

If I find what you want, what you seek

There is only more to dissect

More flesh to cut open,

Tendons and muscle to rip from the bones,

As the organs slide between my fingers

I'm left with only a skeleton

The barest of the bare

That is crushed between teeth

And the marrow sucked dry,

But we cannot leave it alone

So instead cling desperately

To those old bones,

Haunted by the fear

That there truly is no answer.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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