Dear World

I've lived here all my life,

Some people have lived and many died.

I write to you, not because I'm bored,

But I've lived here 17 years,

Never have I met my landlord.

I have many questions,

Can you reply?

I'd like to know you,

I hope you're not shy.


So what was it like

When there was no light?

No animals, no trees, no people, no dreams?

Did you like it better

When we didn't matter?

When you were beautiful

And war wasn’t a factor?

Are aliens out there?

Are they green and ugly?

Would you prefer them to live here?

Instead of us in your company?

Do you like buildings or streets or us or the sea?

When it rains,

Does God cry?

Do you have conversations in the sky?

Does it get boring?

Maybe your days are fun.

Maybe you hate us,

Do you like the sun?

Do you get jealous or angry or overreact?

What would you do if a meteor attacked?

Would you ignore or stay still or would you fight back?


What would you do if we try to blow you up?

If we succeed then you would be dead!

Is there a thing you could do to make us stop?

Maybe you would shake and cause an earthquake instead.

I hope you’re not offended!

Please don’t feel threatened by me,

I want to know all about you:

Your love, your hate and your history.

So reply quickly,

Yours truly, and sincerely, Me.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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