A Promise

You don't really know

What words are worth

Until you live them out

The words at first seem fleeting

Until you take them seriously

until that promise keeps echoing in your head

and you wonder

How could i have known

That what I promised held so much worth

And when you forget it

It seems worng

That covenant...

I sometimes wonder if I can keep the promise which I swore to

But then I remember...

That moent I said yes

He put his trust in me

In that I wouldn't forget to look after the thing he loved most

and left me to keep

Sometimes I wonder why he asked me of all people

It's almost as if he saw what I didn't: potential

That many see in me

and I wonder more..

What expectations can I maintain?

Am I who I portray myself to be?

These are the questions

which drive me

to strive beyond I ever thought possible

So perhaps that promise

is the beginning of something new

And I am more than I know...



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