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It feels like yesterday

It all happened to quick

I cry from it still

Why did you have to go

So young

So bright

So handsome 

So sweet

The pain to know

Football will never be the same

I won't be able to see thst shit eatin grin of yours

Your family is hurting

I can't actually talk to you anymore

To think that same night I was doing the same thing

I wish you would've called me rather than make the decision you did

Such a promising future

I saw the struggles we both had growing up

I know you don't have them now,

but my question and everybody 

else is why

Why end it

why not call someone

why put others through this hell

why make your family cry the tears they have

why leave those who loved you

I look at the stars and realized that night 

there was something different 

The sky had a new star shining big and bright

The feeling I got from it since

Has been ease

To know you and are watching over all of us

I miss ya little bronco please know that 

and sleep tight until we see each other again.


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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Loved it. The words are crashing it


Thank you. I wrote this for my best friend who committed suicide back in October

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