Which Way to Go?

Remembering the time

when i wanted to get older,

thought things would be a lot easier

as I`ve seen grown ups do their own way.


As my height grows inch by inch,

clothes I wear changed day by day.

And yet, just like a child,

questions are here and everywhere.


Baggage’s are getting heavier,

Vindications caught in apprehension.

Responsibilities I can`t run away.

Tactics in life, then, come in handy.


A funny thought popped into my mind,

Shall I call 911 from up above?

so all these questions will be answered

by just one snap through heavenly phone call.


I screamed out loud

hoping to seek answers.

But all I hear was the breeze

making me realize…


Now that I am old enough,

thinking life was easier way back

When all we worry about

were just toys and sweet nothings


We can’t just sit in a corner

and think about “what ifs” and “if only”.

wake up, stand up and do something!

life does not dictate your actions.


It is you who creates your path.

Do you know which way to go?


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