Questions No One Can Answer

Am I an object?

A ragdoll that you’ll play with and throw away.

It happens to other girls,

What makes me think it won’t happen to me?

I don’t want you to take something from me I can never get back

if you don’t appreciate that you have it.


What if you have no bad intentions?

What if all you say is the truth?

But what if the truth doesn’t last?

What if your love quickly turns into spite?

What if as fast as you appeared, you disappear,

and I’m left to pick up the shattered glass pieces of my heart.


What if I become one of those girls,

a hollow shell of their former self

because a guy came and stole her soul,

stole the twinkle in her eyes,

wiped the smile from her face,

and took the laugh right from her mouth.


I told you I’d only have sex if I was in love,

Only if you love me.

But what if he says he loves me just to get one step closer?

What if this is all a trap,

the flowers I got on valentine's day meant nothing,

he listened to the music I like just so he could take that from me too.


I don’t think this will happen,

I don’t want to believe.

“This will never happen to me

he would never do that”

I tell myself this every time the thought pops into my head.

But I can’t deny,

When I see the zombies, the victims,

I know it’s possible.

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