I Was Wondering 100 Times.


I was wondering...

1.      Do I really only have two followers who are interested in talking to me?

2.      Do I not post enough?

3.      Do I seem like a nuisance?

4.      Am I one?

5.      Does any of my artwork get noticed?

6.      Are there days that I can choose to not worry?

7.      Do I have too many classes?

8.      Will I make it in life?

9.      Do I even write interesting things?

10.   Am I too short?

11.   Am I too fat?

12.   Am I too insecure?

13.   Am I really human?

14.   Shouldn’t there be less mean people in the world?

15.   Is there actually enough food to serve everyone the required three portioned meals a day?

16.   Are there really less racist people?

17.   Does it hurt you that I love women?

18.   Is traveling in my future?

19.   Will I be truly happy?

20.   Is it too late?

21.   Why isn’t there more happy news?

22.   Does my father really hate me?

23.   Does my father really even care?

24.   What if I wanted to just disappear?

25.   Is changing everything a choice?

26.   Why I have so many unanswered questions?

27.   What does marriage really consist of?

28.   Is there enough money in the world?

29.   Am I actually here?

30.   What if I am already dead?

31.   Is my cat still alive?

32.   Where did the cat go?

33.   Will I ever have a home again?

34.   What will I do?

35.   What will I be?

36.   Why I hate so much?

37.   Why I don’t hate enough?

38.   Will I ever have my own library?

39.   When will it all end?

40.   Can I be burned with my books?

41.   Can I be burned with my art utensils?

42.   Why do we judge people?

43.   Will my family be good?

44.   WIll my family be bad?

45.   Will they always hate me?

46.   Did I really help that person, or just make everything worse?

47.   Do postmen make enough?

48.   Why can I not get more physical letters through the mail?

49.   Why can’t Sunny states be powered with more Solar Panels?

50.   What is really right?

51.   What is really wrong?

52.   How many hours do I really sleep?

53.   How much effort do I actually put into school?

54.   Do people really read long things?

55.   What is caring?

56.   What is companionship?

57.   Is reincarnation worse than the void?

58.   Is heaven really that much greater than hell?

59.   Why religion?

60.   What is the best car to own?

61.   Why is it hard to learn how to ride a bike?

62.   Do I look weird today?

63.   Why did they do that?

64.   How much battery life do I have?

65.   Why is laziness blissful?

66.   When we sleep are we really just wasting time?

67.   Why do parents tell their kids that the sun goes to sleep?

68.   Why do humans lie?

69.   Why is it important to be weak as much as strong?

70.   Should I stop?

71.   Will I be punished?

72.   What is out there?

73.   Do I have too many stuff for a homeless person?

74.   Why can’t everyone have somewhere?

75.   Why do I forget how a bed feels?

76.   Does the floor really feel better now?

77.   Why can you get in trouble for having sex in a car?

78.   Is porn really that bad?

79.   What if drugs weren’t really bad?

80.   Why do people sell people?

81.   What happens to letters that are sent to Santa Claus?

82.   What if the number of lunares moles are really the amount of good deeds you have done in your life?

83.   Why do people say they envy me, just for the moles I have on my face?

84.   Why does the wind always smell different?

85.   Is my jacket warm or do I just let myself think it is warm?

86.   Is my mind actually cruel?

87.   How clear would I be?

88.   Do I not watch enough anime?

89.   Do I not read enough manga?

90.   Do I not watch enough movies?

91.   Do I not cry enough?

92.   Do I not laugh enough?

93.   Do I not smile enough?

94.   Do I not feel enough?

95.   Do I hide too much?

96.   Do I lie too much?

97.   Do I cry too much?

98.   Do I smile too much?

99.   Do I laugh too much?

100.  Do I wonder too much?


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