Sleep Is Not Easy

Lay in bed
Sleeping time is finally here
Just ready to pass out
Forget the world
Ready to dream

Mind won't quit
It still wants to reflect
Isn't that what dreams do
Reflect on our issues
The brain won't hear it

It still wants to speak
Now I feel crazy
I yell in my head
Shut up!
But it yells back with more thoughts

And finally it quiets
Dozing off my breathing slows
No more tossing and turning
Drifting between my dreams and reality
No longer able to tell the difference

And then suddenly
heart pounding
Eyes wide open and muscles tense
I've been tricked by my own mind

Haha, it mocks me
You thought you were going to fall asleep
I only pranked you
But now come on, we are both tired
Let us both rest, time to sleep, goodnight

This poem is about: 
Our world


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