The Journey


Where is it you ask?

Why, to the south

In the place of the things

The things that were seen

By the people.

Do you remember the people?

They came here a long time ago

In carts,

Red carts that left a pleasant scent as they drove past

And the carts...


But that was long ago.

Now there are no carts.

No people.

Just the things, the things that they saw

The things remain

As they always have remained

And always will

Until they are engulfed by the sun of course;

But we are getting ahead of ourselves.


We were discussing the Item

The one left behind in the land of the things.

Yes the Item was precious, 

It was beautiful.

But little else is known,.

Perhaps the Item was not an item at all


But nevertheless we will seek it.

We will seek it for that is all we can do.

So come!

We travel to the other place,

To see if it may be found there,

Or if in its stead, we may be found there.

For that is all we can do.




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