Brief Conscious Life


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United States
42° 39' 20.538" N, 83° 34' 21.2052" W

Before my waking life, I was colors

I was the flowing frequency unheard


Existing bodiless, yet connected still

To everything that ever was

A blinding flash of energy

Awoken in flesh with a pulse in a chest

Everything was new, now

Warm tears flowed forth as tiny electric sparks spun and prompted me to react

Atoms connected, cooperating

A life lay before me

To do with as I please

To explore in three dimensions

To interact and learn

To feel love, sadness, anger and contentment

To always wonder how I happened

A brief conscious life

Mysterious and magical

On this planet

In this universe

Made of the same bits that made me

Thankful and curious I'll grow

Humbled by infinity

Until my body breaks apart

Absorbed by Earth





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