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*This is not written to offend anyone at all, and if it does I am truly sorry*


To find my path

And even from behind the curtain…

To Be Heard


Peering through the thick, consuming fog

Surrounding my caged soul  

I ask



Is that you?

Continually suppressed?

Confidently hidden?

Beautifully scorched?


Blind folded






Knocking her down

I carelessly drag her heavy, willing body

To the end


Roll her into the eternal grave

And grab the reluctant shovel

“chi, phsshhh ,Chi, phsshhh”


Burry that

Burry it

Burry her


 I laugh breathlessly


Booming manic laughter fills the air

“phsshhh …”

Abdominal muscles tightening


Head lolled back

“phsshhh …”


My body vehemently shakes

And surely as always

Pain seeps in

Creating more bars to surround my deserving soul

“chi, phsshhh”

It races up my throat

Burning my eyes

And breathless as the first sob escapes


For I know

That it is not I who suffocates her

But she

Buries me

As always


Unable to open my eyes as the piling dirt grows heavier

The earth mercilessly fills my collapsing lungs

As the pain and anger increases


Anger over all my unanswered questions



For why have women been seen as weak and insignificant?

When we have the most

Power over another human being

Their birth


Answer me this

Why do nothing?

Sit and watch

As we all waste our lives searching for shit we won’t find


Why choose to be ignorant,

When you already know?


Answer me this

Why do you, we

Allow ourselves to be desensitized

To the pain and destruction of OUR FELLOW MAN

Slowly burning in our hell of a world?

We all struggle, cry, and die the same




I sometimes ask myself

Is this hell?

Maybe I was a sinful beast in my former life

And ended up here


What is forgiveness?

What is redemption?

Is it possible?


For if it was…  

Why can’t families of a victim truly forgive their murderers?

Why can’t I forgive you?

Why can’t God forgive Satan?


Is everything pure but humanity and Satan?


“But who prays for Satan?”

Mark Twain once asked

But I ask

“But who prays for God?”

Do You?


To find myself

And even from behind the curtain…

To Be Heard.






wow.....thats some deep stuff going on there

really like the part about women holding the most power of a another human being, their birth (so true)

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