Death's Lullaby

Wed, 05/08/2013 - 22:28 -- aglisan


United States
39° 55' 0.9192" N, 79° 45' 44.7048" W

There will be a time
when you feel your life slipping by
there will be nothing you can do
but let him come for you

He has no face
or heart to fill the empty space
but his soul lingers
to take yours with his spider like fingers

He compares to no man
for he is Satan's evil lamb
he knows us all
and when our soul will fall

So when the time is here
do not have any fear
he'll greet you with open arms
so don't let your soul be alarmed

You will part this world hand in hand
when he tells you what happens next in this land

That you are to take his place
as the man with no face


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