Life Awareness

Mon, 07/07/2014 - 15:43 -- cacero


Setting and wondering while light walks slowly

Does it walk slowly or fly by to suddenly

Are qualities born or made and if there made why do some just look within there reach

Why do the healthy greed with more thirst while the ill suffer continually

If pointing fingers make matter worse why do many shake and don't hear

Is ignorance the defect of the poor if it is does innocence have a sense

Is fulfillment the reach of our expectations 

Is expressing different views a contradiction

Knowing before time an aid or a bruse

Questioning only brings unexpected pain

To succeed in the game be true to yourself but remember to follow the expected requirements to not be disqualified 

If you're in a situation that's more than you can handle break it down there are no re-dos

You can't change history but you can alter the unwritten

You're beaten but not choked, learn

Walking in parts is better than being towed

Walk and learn

Enjoy the moment what's lost will never rewind again

Everything has a solution but death


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