Why assume I am always busy with work?

Why assume you are bothering me?

Why are you acting like everything is bright ignoring the darkness?

Why can’t you confess you suck at communication?

Why don't you seem to care?

How is it that I have feelings I cannot wear?

Why did you tell me amazing things in the beginning?

Why do I get a sense of deception?

How did this all arrive to termination?

Why is it, that every time I express myself I'm the bandit?

Why am I waiting for responses?

How can I go into cruise control and not worry?

Why did all the happy moments happen in a hurry?

Now things are different, and you don't see the difference, why?

Why do I put the 'I" in initiation in any conversation?

Why are their excuses and not the truth?

How come I feel dusted off in a corner?

Why is lust more important than genuine love?

Why is planning events with friends and hanging out easier than visiting me?

Why am I dwellin' over this, it’s affecting me and it’s not even correct spelling?

If I sit back and decipher the meaning, why am I over analyzing?

The minute I stop trying, why do my thoughts become traumatizing?

Why am I chasing after someone?

How is it that you can’t hold a relationship?

Why did you say beautiful words, but your actions were immobile?

Why am I sensing you are full of it?

Why can’t I let go?


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