But You Said There's No Such Thing as a Dumb Question

You laugh. 

They stare. 

I sit. 

Why does this happen every time I ask a question? 

I'm sorry I'm different. 

I'm sorry my eyes let words on the overhead dash around like they are playing leap frog. 

Im sorry, but I still want to learn. 

You howl,

Twenty sets of daggers gawk,

I want to disappear. 

Is this how the other kids know I'm different?

I'm sorry, I have done my best to blend in. 

I'm sorry, I do not fit your teaching style. 

Im sorry, but I'm no longer ashamed of who I am. 

You chuckle,

They whisper, "She must be dumb"

I am no longer sorry. 

Why would you announce to the class I am a dumb hiding behind dyslexia?

I am not sorry, I am human too. 

I am not sorry, why would you tell me I had no chance of passing last weeks test?

I am not sorry, I got the highest score and you must be mad that I proved you wrong. 

I ask a question,

You snicker, 

They snicker too. 

Why do you treat me this way?

I am a student too. 

I am not going to blend in with my classmates. 

I am going to keep asking questions. 



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