Name Your Price

What would be the price of a life?

How would one measure the price of a life?

Would it be based on the physical condition and the person's appearance?

Or on their personality?

Would it be based on the number of things they accomplished?

Based on how many friends they had or how many people liked them?

Or maybe how many people completely abhored their existence?

Would it be based on how many people loved them? Or how much they loved?

Or based on how many hearts they filled? Or left shattered?

Could it be determined by how many things they have? How expensive their belongings were?

We can place a price on material objects and possessions, but how do we calculate the net worth of someone's soul?

How can we tell if someone is worthless or priceless?

By how many wishes that person made come true or by the extremity of those wishes?

By how big their dreams were or how they accomplished them?

What is the deciding factor when having to quote price of a person?

How do we set a price for that person's mind? For every thought? 

For every feeling they have ever felt?

Every laugh that has escaped their soul through their lips?

Every tear shed over anything?

Every crack in their heart from someone chipping away at it?

Every crack filled by someone else coming and nurturing it?

Every note of every song belted out of the silliness of pure joy or because the song meant something?

How do we factor in the steps of a dance they have taken to the beat of their favorite song?

Or each individual hair on their head?

Every cell that makes up every fiber of their physical body?

How do we give a number of worth to the heart of someone?

How does every heartbeat cost?

What is the worth of every breath taken, be it slight or deep?

How do we give our lives worth?

Do damages devalue us as a whole?

Or are they unique to each person, adding a few zeros to the prices of our lives?

How much would you pay for someone else's life?

How much for your own life?

How much would you sell your soul for if given the opportunity?

How much are you worth?

How much are any of us worth?

Or better yet, are we worth anything at all?

Or are price and worth just conceptual illusions?



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