I need to talk to God.


United States
38° 53' 4.3764" N, 76° 53' 21.8076" W

I stood there one night and grace my eyes upon the sky. And said "please Angels send me a message, i need to speak with God." I' am sad Lord. My debt is building, yet from trying to better myself with school. I feel lonely Lord but do not have the energy to mingle. I see success everywhere i am starting to look. But i am looking in the mirror also and see myself, in a self-cause continuing flux of failure.

I need to speak with you just for a few minutes or so. I need your comforting words, so i can know. That everything is going to be ok and there is a place left for me to go. I need a few minutes of your time. So i can find out what is wrong. Why am i alone? Where is success? Because i live in a empty home.


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