That Kind of Love


When you walk away and decide to turn back,

Is he already starring at you, or does he hold back?

When you open your eyes as you give him a kiss,

Does he smile at you, does he tickle your lips?


When you're holding hands, do you feel his embrace?

Does he recognize your mood by the look on your face?

Does he tell you he loves you, every second of every day?

Does he tell you you're beautiful in every single way?


Is it the kind of love that gets kissed in the rain?

Does he drown you in happiness, and erase all your pain? 

Does he respect you and own up to the wrong that he makes?

Is he jealous and protective of you wherever he takes?


How can one relationship be so perfect and true?

Is there really someone out there for me, and for you?

When laughter and love is more than enough,

That's how you know, It's our kind of love.


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