The Human Brain


The only place where its not normal to be normal. humanity, humans, homo sapiens; we are so amazingly peculiar, different, the same. We are truly Simplicity at its finest; Long dense answers to a question that has never been asked.  I exist? I don’t exist? Why do I exist?  What?  They are all the same, they are all a “?”; truly the beginning of thought. “What should I think of?”.... “What could I think of? “….”How?” …why?  It just keeps progressing, growing, branching off into individual nothingness; fueling our very existence, writing our stories. Pure droplets of curiosity dropped into an empty cup called ignorance; we begin by searching for an end. Unaware at first, we stumble onto the big hint, we are going to die. Death, the “ . “; a reply to “ ? “ . The Imagination ramps up until it freezes; logic attempts, but ultimately ends in apathy; and the ego instantly falls in Love. Yin is now aware of Yang; Balance must be attempted, Expansion must happen; thoughts that exist outside our own beginning and end; Pre-life and After-life, is now a subject of interest. Unknowns that we have just simply decided to know or get to know; Knowledge of the past and future, when only the present exist.   




complicated punctuation, not very good at punction.


"yin in now aware of yang".

I found it a little confusing but interesting. 




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