Help me, I don't know what I'm feeling

What they say it might be true.My feelings for you are just old news.I look at you with a face of disgust.I'm running from my the feelings of lust. I can't help but cry.From all of the pain I hide inside.My heart will forever beat for you.I keep telling myself these feelings are true.But really, I'm very confused. You don't feel for me the way I do you.But I keep trying forever, I do.Hoping one day you realize what you have,I waited and did nothing bad. You ripped my heart in two,one half on the floor and the other one with you.I don't feel as complete,without you kneeling by my feet. Flooded eyes, I want to see you cry.I want you to feel the same pain I do.Help me please, I didn't want to cry with you. 


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