Spend A Little Time

To the one that has gathered us all here,
The understander of things that we do not,
I hope that you hear when I inquire of you,
The wish to fathom the years and verses that we spend
on the ground of this sturdy orb.
Why is time to steady, yet when we recognize it,
much to slow for the yearning of what we crave?
When I do not reflect about time, it whooshes past me and soon becomes my history.
When I realize how long I must wait for something,
It feels like I may never get to my yearning aspiration.
Yet there it comes, before I remember that
I was supposed to be remembering.
How then, must we choose what is imperative
Between the things that we pledge to do, and must?
This that we have not brought up onto our selves,
But the undertaking of others hope and the brings of society.
Why must we chose what is right and what is wrong
And who is to utter that they are what they are
If we, as mere non understanders,
Cannot articulate the way time moves around us,
Then how must we choose the way that we consume it?


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