I Knew a Man Once


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I Knew a Man Once

I knew a man once.
He was a good man,
He gave me somewhere to put my faith.
Somewhere to go when I couldn’t see for the snow
Blizzards swirling around our living room.

I knew a man once.
He let me talk to him anytime I wanted to,
With the promise of always being there.
With the promise to always care.

I knew a man once.
He let my mother spend time in a bed that wasn’t her own.
He let my brother spend time in a head that didn’t make sense.
He let my father not care,
And he let my other brother forget where
Home was.

I knew a man once.
He let me spend too much time without Him.
He refused to give me answers,
And so I found them on my own.

I knew a man once.
Keyword being knew.
When I die I’ll know if He knew me too.

It’s not that I don’t believe,
It’s not that at all.
I’m just tired of looking up when all I see is a wall.
I pray sometimes to see if He’ll answer,
But I keep getting the busy tone.
So, I’m living on my own.
I can trust that she’ll always be there.

I knew a man once.
He was a good man,
But lately it seems He’s forgotten where I stand.



wow. i didnt fully understand that the man was a higher power untill around the mid section, but once it hit me i was so impressed. such beautiful words describing your journey into giving up faith as a result of tragedy and loss that has happened to you-truely beautiful and powerful my friend. write on.

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