Questions, Questions...


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Have you asked yourself the question, “what am I doing here?” Trying to get even a
glimpse of what you’re supposed to be doing or becoming… Am I on the right path?
How will I know? What if I’ve already completely screwed up?
Why is there no guide book to life? Like a play by play of how the hell we’re
supposed to do this…
I feel like I’m walking around with “LOST” written across my forehead, my physical
being is present, but my spiritual and emotional are trapped in a cage at an
undisclosed location that not even Indiana Jones could find.
So why am I here? Is my life like a tv show and people watch my every move for
I don’t want to follow the script or just go through the motions. I want answers.
Answers to questions we’re not supposed to ask, and questions I don’t even know
I want to unlock the vault of knowledge. I want to lay in the field of understanding
while absorbing the warmth of wisdom radiating from above.
Is that too much to ask?
Most people who see trees, see branches, leaves, and the bodice. I want to see the
veins of the leaves and the small organisms living inside the bark and crawling
through the micro world they habitat. I want to know why and how to every life
I’m not satisfied with this basic knowledge. Climb inside the worlds chamber of
secrets and explore…endless wondering through halls of books and feel myself
consuming knowledge.
I want to see more than what meets the eyes, everywhere I look there needs to be
something new and undiscovered.
I’m begging for more. More reason, more purpose, more drive. I want to have a
definite and confident answer one day when I ask myself, “What am I doing here?"


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