Best Friends Forever?

I’m so sick of biting my tongue

Walking on eggshells around you

You and I used to be so close

Now I can’t even stand you

I want so much to let you go

But we’ve been friends for so long

That if I let you go now

I would be all alone

You only call me or text

When you want to brag or complain

I’m so sick of being your go-to

When all you see is rain

You say you want to hang out

But then you say you have to cancel

You’re always so hot then so very cold

You’re really too much to handle

Why can’t we just go back in time

To when we were five years old

And *NSYNC was our greatest joy

Both wanting to be Britney or Christina

Saying we’d be friends forever

Well, forever has come, and you’re down on your luck

If you think I’m going to stand here on the sidelines

Watching you make mistakes with guy after guy

What happened to us being on the same side?

You say you want me to succeed, but then say I’ll probably fail

You were always so nice, then you chopped off your hair

You got a tattoo, a piercing

Personality disorder, everyone screams it

But I ignore them because I don’t want to see it

You were my best friend since we were five

Said we’d be together forever as long as we were alive

But something in us died

After that last guy broke your heart

You went off the deep end

And now I’m sitting here, waiting for you to come back

So we can go back to how it used to be

I wish to God that I had the guts

To get off my ass and wish you luck

To say goodbye, but I really don’t want to

After all, you’re my best friend

Or at least you used to be


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