Too Smart to Settle for a Simple Solution


United States
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Bleed, pour, sacrifice
Your body and your soul
Fight back, or give in
But you will never be whole.

You will never be normal-
Destined otherwise from the start
You will never be happy
You are much too smart.

But in this life, you’ve invested a lot
In these people, in these things
You trust openly- and always!
Yet this is how heads leave the bodies of great kings.

Believe the relations are real
Or don’t and ice your heart
Either way you are both right and wrong
This is the intricate beauty of art

This isn’t a new discovery
Tis been known since the oldest of ancestors
But, if you were to find a solution
You would surpass all men and professors.

But there isn’t any one answer
Every force is paired with an equal and opposite reaction
That is why no matter the options, the choices, or the outcome
There will never be complete, eternal, mutual, genuine satisfaction.

There will forever be doubt
Because you can’t kill fear
We are deaf, blind, and unaware
To even the things that are so near.


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