I’ve questions upon questions.
A quest just to find the answers.
And I still have yet to head back home.
The Valley is where I live,
Where all the questions lie.
The answers,
I hear them echo down the hollow caves that surround.
“Whisper to me the song of the seas.
Then I may rest peacefully.”
I walk along quickly,
Fearing the end of my days may come,
If I even look their way.
“Drown me again, in your soft-spoken wind. Then I may rest for all eternity.”
Are these words I hear the truth?
Do they bleed from mouths of forgotten, lost and suffering souls?
“Darkness will fall,
With no one left to call.
Take me away, that I may rest for all of my days.”
Are they testaments to lives long-past?
Do the cave walls tell of their desires and longings of old?
“Speak with wisdom that I may know I can hear, that I am alive and well. I listen when you speak, do not tarry to tell.”
There are those who sought wisdom, I’ve read.
History records whom he wishes,
Legacy has nothing to do with ambition.
“Breathe into me that I might breathe my last, I find solitude in decay. Please lead me to my grave, show me the way.”
I see and hear the souls, or I don’t know,
Words of hearts ringing,
Seams tearing,
Oh the pain of my leering!
Puppet my heart strings,
Or let me go free.
I’ve got nothing left to say here.
To ask of.
Just let my spirit be.

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